Sep 102006
Authors: COLLEEN TIMOTHY The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The northbound College Avenue left-turn lanes onto Drake Street will be closed this morning to fix a gas leak caused when a construction crew yanked out a 2-inch gas line with a backhoe Friday morning.

Crews shut down College Avenue for six hours on Friday from Drake Road to Swallow Road.

“It definitely added an extra 5 to 10 minutes out of the way,” said freshman liberal arts open-option major Brittany Phillips when coming into Walgreens with two of her friends, after battling the traffic.

The pull from the gas line caused the separation of the main line, which rested beneath the two left-hand turn lanes northbound on College to Drake. As a result, those lanes formed a bubble in the road from the pressure of the gas rising up.

“The first priority was to shut down traffic going northbound and southbound on College from Drake to Swallow so a hole could be dug and the leak could be sealed as soon as possible,” said Ryan Mclean, a Poudre Fire Authority firefighter.

The Fort Collins Street Department used its equipment to break the surface of the road so Xcel Energy could get to the main line and temporarily weld the leak.

Xcel Lead Fitter Phil Severence emphasized that this type of situation is not uncommon, but it is important to repair the leak as soon as possible.

The only lanes that will be affected by today’s construction are the left-turn lanes on College Avenue that turn onto Drake Street.

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