Rivalry peaceful, so far

Sep 082006
Authors: KEVIN JOHNSON The Rocky Mountain Collegian

DENVER – The rivalry lives.

Rams fans chucked beer cans at two guys waving a University of Colorado-Boulder flag on top of a U-Haul truck.

But the banter was playful, as the CU fans caught the cans and tossed them back.

A peaceful mob of CSU and CU fans gathered in the middle of the C parking lot on the south side of Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium.

The fans chanted at each other and intermingled.

The pre-game back-and-forth was free from violence, an Invesco Field security official said minutes before the Rocky Mountain Showdown. But more activity is expected during and after the game.

A few beer kegs were confiscated, but nothing major, security officials said.

The scene was different the last time the two rivals squared off at Invesco Field in 2003.

Members of the CSU marching band were assaulted by a mob of CU fans. The musicians had punches, beer bottles and saliva hurled at them.

President Penley addressed the band members in the days following the assault.

“I really regret the incident. I especially regret those of you who were injured and that those injuries occurred,” Penley said then.

The two universities have worked together in an effort to crack down on violence.

So far, the rivalry has been family friendly, and above all, passionate.

“I think it’s going to be a great battle,” said CSU athletic director Paul Kowalczyk on Fox Sports News shortly before the game.

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