Sep 072006
Authors: Kaitlin Snook

With the Mile High Showdown coming up this weekend, we decent, fun-loving CSU fans know we have a not-so enjoyable CU crowd to look forward to. Despite the fact that our egotistical Buff friends are no better, academically or athletically, than we are, they somehow always manage to make complete asses of themselves trying to prove so.

It’s not exactly a secret that Boulder students act this way and their antics don’t go unnoticed in the Big 12. It’s the same every year and not just with us – with all of their opponents as well.

As a long-time fan of the Kansas State Wildcats, I was bred to hate the Buffs. A lifetime of attending the K-State – CU games has taught me their true nature, their obscenity-yelling, trash-throwing, name-calling nature. But, it wasn’t until my freshman year, at my first CSU-CU game, that I discovered how awful they could really be.

Standing in the CU parent section, in my green and gold, I was clearly outnumbered. My screams were constantly muffled by the roaring “Boos” in the stands. Leaving my seat would’ve been a death sentence so I just sat there, invisible, like the rest of the muted CSU fans.

So, why should we have to put up with this? Why should we have to drive all the way to Boulder just to be outnumbered and out-bullied by the obnoxious Buffalos? I am sick of watching the game on my television at home and I definitely don’t want to be stuck in that crowd. For years, we’ve driven there. At home, CU has an advantage over us, not necessarily our team, but over our crowd and our school.

Our cheers have been muffled by those of the Buffs, our celebrations overshadowed by their home-field crowd. It’s time things changed. Instead of our athletic department worrying about silly things, like banning Fum’s song, they should be making changes to benefit students and the proud Ram fans. The game should permanently be held at Invesco Field at Mile High or every other year the game should be held at Hughes Stadium.

I realize it holds a much smaller crowd, but hey, it’s home. We should be allowed the same advantage our rivals are granted every single year. And, if that means not as many CU fans can come, well I guess we will just have to be disappointed. Yeah, right.

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