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Authors: MEGAN BUETTGENBACH The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Tailgaters are set to be in full force at Saturday’s Rocky Mountain Showdown, one of the biggest games of the season for Rams fans.

“I’m looking forward to cheering on the Rams, getting really rowdy, tailgating and seeing the Buffs burn,” Kristen Turechek said while watching the pep rally on Thursday afternoon.

It’s been three years since the Showdown has been held on neutral turf at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Students said they were excited to return to the capital.

“I’m going to tailgate with all my friends by bringing super soakers marked with ‘Hippie Soaker’ on it and spray some hippies,” said Turechek, a junior speech communication major.

However, before students and alumni alike get ready to pre-game, there are several regulations in place, including a mandated 14-foot space between each row of cars in case there is an emergency.

Tailgating also must end 30 minutes before kickoff.

Open-flame fires, glass bottles and kegs are not allowed, according to a statement from Blanche Hughes, vice president of Student Affairs, and Dexter Yarbrough, CSU Police Department chief.

“People may not have heard about the rules, so they won’t know if they are breaking them,” said Gabe Barnett, a senior construction management major.

Some students have seen the e-mail and plan on taking it seriously.

“I fully plan to abide by them,” Turechek said. “I understand the need to keep the peace. This is a huge rivalry and they need to keep things under control as much as they can.”

In an effort to keep down possible riots or fights, tailgaters from each school will be divided into the north and south parking lots

Some students are still skeptical.

“I don’t think they will be able to control anything,” Barnett said. “There are too many students.”

But officers seemed confident they could keep things calm.

“We didn’t have any problem last time they were here,” said Don Bowling, a technician on the Denver Police Special Events Unit.

DPSEU is in charge of patrolling the games.

Attendees from CSU contacted for a disturbance, whether by a CSU or Denver police officer, will have their names sent to Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services. All cases will be treated like they occurred at Hughes Stadium.

“We will have a total of 10 CSU police officers down there (at Invesco) along with 90 some Denver police officers inside the stadium,” said Lt. Keith Turney of CSUPD.

Police officers will also be present in the parking lots.

“It’s the Denver police who are patrolling the parking lots because they are familiar with it,” Turney said. “If they have a problem with a CSU student, they may call us to come.”

For the rest of the police officers on site, this game will be like any other.

“We basically handle it like a Broncos game,” said Ted Newsome, technician for DPSEU. “Our response is going to be the same. We hope to see a sell-out game and a good mood.”

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Parking is set to cost $20 at Invesco Field and the parking lot opens at 11 a.m.

Tailgating Policies at Invesco Field

1. Occupy only one parking space per vehicle.

2. Tailgate directly behind your vehicle or in an adjacent landscaped area only.

3. Maintain a 14-foot drive aisle between rows of vehicles at all times.

4. Barbecue grills are allowed; open-flame fires are not.

5. Dispose of charcoal in designated coal barrels only.

6. All tailgate parties must conclude 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

Not Allowed

Be aware that fans are subject to citation, arrest and loss of season parking and season tickets if found in possession of, or participating in, the following:

/ Glass bottles

/ Kegs

/ Sales or distribution of products, food or beverages

/ Advertising or promotion without advance, written approval by the Denver Broncos

/ Open-flame fires

/ Blocking of pedestrian aisle ways, sidewalks or disabled access aisles

/ Blocking or saving parking spaces; fans who wish to tailgate together must arrive together

/ Unauthorized vehicles operated within the stadium parking lots or walkways; including, but not limited to go-karts, mini-bikes or go-peds

/ Unauthorized use of stadium property

-Information courtesy of Blanche Hughes, interim vice president of Student Affairs, and

Chief Dexter Yarbrough, CSU Police Department.

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