To the Editor

Sep 062006

My name is Amy Cirullo, and this is my third year on the Golden Poms Dance team. I am a die-hard Ram fan, I read this paper every day, HECK… I practically bleed green and gold, but the article that was run on Tuesday that called the Poms “gyrating dancers” was not only a blow to the countless hours that we put into the spirit program, but also a slap in the face from the Collegian’s Editorial Board.

I was and still am a fan of Fum’s Song, but I feel that we got the short end of the stick.

We had little say in performing in that spot and, though we knew that we were stuck between a rock and a hard place, tried our very best to entertain the crowd.

For those who think taking Fum’s Song away stinks, imagine practicing a dance for two weeks, getting out on the field to perform for your peers, and hearing your fellow Rams “boo” and taunt you.

And yet you are quick to talk about sportsmanship, but you can’t show “sportsmanship” to another CSU-sponsored team. We may not wear pads or helmets, or for that matter bring in as much money as the football team, but we are at every event to support our peers, friends and above all our Ram family, and it would be nice to get a little respect back.

Amy Cirullo

open-option sophomore

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