Osiris: The second coming

Sep 062006
Authors: Marissa HuttonGavel

If you’ve ever been to Osiris Nightclub, 2649 E. Mulberry St., you know what general manager Cross Gambino is referring to when he says it’s the only place in town you can “sit and stare at a sarcophagus” while being entertained by girls dancing in cages.

That, however, is not the image that new owner Andy Neely is going after.

Named after an Egyptian god of death, life and fertility, Osiris has undergone a re-birth with Neely’s arrival.

Since purchasing the “operation” three months ago, as he puts it, Neely is in the process of transforming what was once a haven for under-aged drinking and mud wrestling to what he hopes will rival popular clubs downtown.

“It’s had a little bit of a checkered past,” Neely said. “I intend to create a venue here that meets or exceeds venues in Denver.”

As his first order of business, Neely had to get the illegal drinking habits of the younger college crowd under control, which he said was an important step in the healing process of Osiris.

Since he has been on the business end of the club, rather than a patron, Neely said he has a greater respect for the partnership between a club owner in a college town and local law enforcement

“The nightclub industry is closest to the street and it’s important to work with them to find a common ground,” he said.

Though a stricter ID policy meant a dip in sales, Neely has big plans to both bring in revenue for his club and boost the Fort Collins music scene.

With renovations including an updated sound system upstairs, a VIP disk jockey suite and a general VIP area on the way, he hopes to attract international talent with “an environment that reeks of quality” and bring something new to Fort Collins.

As for the music, that’s where Neely sees Osiris really coming into its own.

“(Music) is always a touchy area,” he said. “Everyone’s got their own opinion, but I intend to put Fort Collins on the map as a location that caters to the international music scene.”

While Osiris’ current resident DJ’s are playing mostly “Top 40,” Neely sees that format as just the beginning, as he hopes to bring some new styles and talent to the area that people haven’t necessarily heard.

“It’s a surprisingly limited musical community in Fort Collins,” he said. “The Clear Channels of the world are restrictive. There’s a lot there to listen to and we’re looking forward to having fun with it.”

To go along with the new music and existing accommodations inside, Osiris now boasts a limo service and has a private jet fleet in the works in hopes of bringing in big name acts.

The complimentary limousine generally picks up at Mountain and College avenues in Old Town with a guaranteed ride back to the same location at the end of the night. Although it is a free service, Neely encourages tips for the driver and enforces a strict no-drinking policy on the way to and from the club.

There is also a standard “dress to impress” dress code in place, which, as Neely explains it, is really just common sense.

“They should be dressing up for a nightclub environment,” he said.

The code is posted on the wall in the front of the club and includes rules such as no jerseys, camouflage, caps, white T-shirts or torn clothing.

Despite the stricter rules and regulations, as Gambino and Neely pointed out, Osiris is and plans to be the only place in town that provides an upscale “out on the town atmosphere” that appeals to kids and businessmen alike.

“We’re open to everyone,” Gambino said. “With the developing economy there’s a need for somebody like us, for people to just come and relax and have fun.”

“A lot of things came together to make this happen,” Neely added.

So whether you’re looking to check out some new music, or just curious about the sarcophagus/cage dancer dichotomy, the born-again Osiris has it all.

“It looks like a shabby warehouse on the outside,” said Gambino. “But you can step into a magical wonderland.


Osiris is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a $7 cover for 18 and up and $5 for 21 and up before 10 p.m.

Thursday is College Night for 18+

Friday is Ladies Night for 21+ – Ladies in free all night

Saturday is Hip Hop Night 21+

Sunday is Teen night – 13-20, no one over 21 admitted

To reserve the limo call 970-988-1245

Visit www.osirisnightclub.com for more information

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