Sep 062006
Authors: JAKE MOUNTJOY KCSU Music Director

Meet the band

In 2002, Colorado Springs’ Deux Process began its journey to becoming underground hip-hop icons. Chief Nek (emcee), Viseversa (emcee, production) and “turn-tablist” Shawn Dub set a goal to “bridge the gap between generations of music enthusiasts through their love and respect for hip-hop.” Four years later, their debut LP, “In Deux Time” was released with 15 tracks of non-stop wittiness blended with lively beats.

However, Deux Process could only build a scene for itself for a short time in Colorado Springs. Because of lack of support and venues, the group decided to relocate to Los Angeles in the spring of 2003. Suffice it to say, this hip-hop trio still has a big heart for Colorado.

The CD

The first track off the CD, “Make It Through,” exhibits a chill beat with heavy bass as it spits out the proud lyrics: “Broadcasting out of the home of the Broncos and the Avalanche / I speak through each beat and each song shall so have a chance.” After this warm-up jam, the next song, “Take The Dance” picks up with a clap-along vibe that leaves you feeling cleansed.

That’s just the beginning of the feel-good rhymes Deux Process presents. But the album is not a typical roll-down-your-window-and-bust-out-your-bling mind-set. These three gentlemen portray a serious and sophisticated approach to their music, and not just by their classy attire.

In “Sons Of Liberty,” Deux Process expresses its apprehension toward the problems in America, yet challenges listeners to form opinions and make a difference. “We’re at war now, where do you stand? / Do you know, or is someone holding your hand? / Do what you think you understand / Are you awake, or you just don’t give a damn?” sputter Chief Nek and Viseversa.

As a whole, In Deux Time is a solid mix of dynamic beats. Every song on the record is different than the last, which is difficult to achieve for hip-hop artists. Representing their roots and having a strong passion for what they do, Deux Process might make your day that much better.

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