Sep 062006
Authors: Sara Crocker The Rocky Mountain Collegian

When Sedric Patterson got a text message from his roommates Wednesday saying they were going to be arrested, he thought they were joking.

“It kinda caught me off guard,” the freshman linebacker said in the lobby of the Larimer County Detention Center later that morning. “I thought they were just joking around.”

Patterson’s roommates, Brian Abata and Micah Crews, turned themselves in to the CSU Police Department on Wednesday morning along with Robert Herbert. Each was wanted for theft. Crews and Abata were also wanted for forgery.

“I’m shaking because Rob has never been in jail. He has never been arrested,” said Ebony Cotton, Herbert’s girlfriend of two years, as she waited for his release outside the detention center.

The three football players are part of a group of seven people, six of whom are current or former CSU students, wanted by the county for identity theft, forgery and theft. Authorities did not release any details about the charges, saying that a grand jury investigation is still underway.

The three were being held in lieu of $2,500 bail.

Cotton, a senior apparel and merchandising major, and Patterson sat in the bucket chairs of the LCDC lobby talking, still unsure about what had happened.

“I thought this was dumb. People were getting questioned a long time ago,” Cotton said about an investigation that took place over the summer. She said Herbert and others were questioned about bankcards. “It just all got dropped, and then it got brought back up again.”

Patterson and Cotton paced around the lobby and outside on their cell phones, trying to find a way to bail out the three and grasp what happened Wednesday morning.

Patterson described his roommates as laid-back, saying he had no idea about the allegations being brought against them.

Cotton said Herbert doesn’t go out, and he just plays video games and football.

“This is a shock,” Cotton said. “He’s a good kid.”

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