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Sep 052006

Montana State, Is That Even A Real School?

With this weekend comes one of the biggest games for CSU football, and it is important for us as a community of well-to-do Rams to show our support for our team, who just won big against Weber State Saturday.

Colorado, however, will take the field after a loss to Division I-AA School Montana State, or as I like to call them, The Junior High of NCAA Football. While this event did take its toll on the egos of your friends in Boulder, I’m getting the feeling that those very egos are coming back in a big way.

That is why I would love to see everyone’s RamStrong shirt, or even a simple green and gold shirt decorated with phrases such as “Montana State, Is That Even A Real School,” “Montana State, Enough Said.” or even “Montana State, the Junior High of the


Come up with slogans of your own, get creative, and help CU remember where they’re coming from. Remember to keep them simple. The Buffaloes aren’t smart like us. You might confuse them.

Chance Snook



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