Sep 052006

It’s sad the student section couldn’t start Fum’s Song in unison. What we need is a born leader standing on the sidelines to guide us. Kyle Bell, what are you doing next Saturday?

You know what is awkward? Getting in a wreck with someone and then seeing

them in two of your classes.

Is “Dirty Hippies” P.C.?

Thank God for 10 for $10 Tostino’s Frozen Pizzas. They’re my off-campus lifeline between myself and starvation.

Facebook is turning into a stalkers paradise. Finally, a way to keep completely up to date on all my ex’s conversations and plans without violating that tricky little restraining order.

If millions of ball-point pens are manufactured every year, but I never throw them away, and I always lose them, where do they all go?

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