Ram Talk

Sep 042006

I’ve noticed that sometimes using punctuation in a text message just sets the wrong tone. Sometimes periods are too serious, but an exclamation point is outrageously unnecessary.

Maybe it’s just better to not use punctuation and let the other person figure it out for themselves. True?

Those trees between Clark and the library are Ohio Buckeyes. The fruit is poisonous to us, but the squirrels love them.

They should put Walt Disney in charge of rebuilding New Orleans. Imagine the water park potential.

Does anyone else get the feeling that everything is just becoming way too political?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the projected VIP section for the Buffs at the Rocky Mountain Showdown: Ward Churchill, Gary Barnett and, last but not least, John Mark Karr. Has anything good come out of Boulder?

We are allowed to access pornography from any public computer on campus, but we can’t broadcast a fun song that strengthens school spirit at a football game? Anyone else see a problem here?

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