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Sep 042006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Touch/, athletic department. Touch/.

Not only did you stymie “Fum’s Song,” you added insult to injury by blaring Justin Timberlake in Fum’s stead. and you are supposed to be the ones preaching sportsmanship.

The athletic department also deployed CSU students’ one weakness: gyrating dancers.

But the blame can’t be placed solely on the athletic department’s tactics. The student body was blindsided by this genius defensive maneuver.

We realize now that the battle for Fum’s Song won’t be won by half-heartedly chanting for the song.

How do you motivate a student body that barely represented itself at the student government’s three-unrelated law meetings?

Resurrecting this CSU tradition is going to be harder than we thought, and honestly, we’re hurting for ideas on how to bring it back.

Maybe we should put subliminal messages in the comics and Sudoku puzzles.

We are at a fork in the road.

We must choose if Fum’s Song is worth remembering or if we would rather use the break in between the third and fourth quarters to sober up a little.

You tell us.

Write the Collegian and the university, flood RamTalk, exhaust all alleyways of communication.

The least we can do is invest ourselves enough in the issue to make the right decision.

Because if we let a former member of *NSYNC put the final nail in this tradition, who knows what great CSU tradition Mr. Timberlake will kill next.

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