Sep 042006
Authors: Rebecca Howard The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The fate of hookah bars in Fort Collins will be decided at tonight’s city council meeting.

Council members are set to vote on an amendment to the city code meant to clarify exactly how the recently passed statewide smoking ban impacts hookah bars.

This decision will determine whether hookah bars like Algiers on Laurel Street, and Narghile Nights on College Avenue, will be forced to close because of the statewide smoking ban that went into effect in July.

Council member David Roy said it was “somewhat ambiguous” where hookah bars fit into the smoking restrictions.

While Roy does not want to shut down the two existing hookah bars in Fort Collins, he said he has no interest in allowing more hookah bars to open.

“I’m willing to grandfather the two existing ones in and draw the line at that,” he said.

If hookah bars are not allowed within the ordinance, Charles Klamm, co-owner of Algiers, will have to change the way he runs his business, which he said is “decently popular” among CSU students.

“We could still stay open and sell (tobacco), we just couldn’t allow people to enjoy it inside,” Klamm said.

Some students don’t want to see the hookah bars closed or restrictions placed on the establishment of future ones.

“I like the idea of more (hookah bars) being able to open. This is a college town and college students in general are interested,” said Jenna Williams, a freshman art major.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. in City Hall West, 300 LaPorte Ave.

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