Fum’s Song lacks cue

Sep 042006
Authors: Brandon Lowrey

Jessica Craver, a junior animal science major, had memorized the words to Fum’s Song in time for Saturday’s football game. She waited in the stands for the right time to belt it out.

That moment never came.

“I was disappointed,” Craver said. “I think we just needed something organized to tell us exactly when to sing. I think that was the problem.”

Fum’s Song advocates passed out fliers to many of the students who came to the game. They knew what to sing, just not when. The result: students sporadically shouting the lyrics throughout the crowd.

Star running back Kyle Bell, for the first time in his career, watched the game as a spectator. He wasn’t too upset about the song – he said he has faith that the students will rally together and get the tradition going again.

“It’s kind of hard to get 10,000 people or more to sing a song in unison,” he said.

Sitting out for the game weighed more heavily on Bell.

Being sidelined is “an experience that I don’t like and I don’t wish anybody to have,” Bell said. “I was a little depressed. That lasted for a real short (time) because I just kept in mind that my best friends and my teammates were still out there playing hard.”

Bell urged students to rally harder than ever at Invesco Field when the Rams go up against University of Colorado-Boulder on Saturday.

He said: “From here on out, I’m gonna be their biggest fan and support them all I can. We need student support more than any other game in school history.”

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