Student supports Paccione

Aug 312006

As a student who was present at the Paccione “campaign visit to CSU” I take issue with the Collegian’s coverage of the event. True, it was an event to “rally support” but in a very specific sense. The entire meeting was designed and geared toward recruitment and rallying volunteers and interns.

So when the incumbent’s own staffers show up and attempt to videotape and sabotage the meeting, I don’t understand why they would be so surprised that they were asked to turn off the camera. Paccione was polite enough in letting them stay.

Clearly they weren’t there to sign up for the walk lists, they were there to intimidate students trying to participate in the democratic process. Students in this election will be a key driving force up until Nov. 7. It’s absolutely no wonder why Paccione is tapping into this ready-made resource. You don’t have to look too far to see why students would support a candidate like Paccione.

One simply has to juxtapose the facts: our current congresswoman voted to cut 12.7 billion dollars from federal student aid programs in February 2006, just months after we almost lost funding for higher education altogether in the state of Colorado last November (Referendum C anyone?).

How could anyone say that this is best representation we students merit? I, for one, would prefer real representation for a change.

Stephanie Gibbs


political science

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