To the Editor

Aug 302006

Would you refer to an African American as a “colored person” in 2006? I think not. Yet there is a widely respected organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The NAACP has a long and proud tradition of working for the benefit of minorities, the oppressed and for other groups. The reason you don’t hear complaints about the name of this organization is that people recognize that this name has a rich tradition worthy of our respect.

The key word here is “tradition.”

CSU has precious few traditions. The painting of the “A” is one and it also is subject to occasional criticism for being environmentally incorrect. Thankfully, as I understand it, the land where the “A” is located is privately owned and not under the control of the Athletic Department.

Once could easily argue that there has been no other person in the history of CSU and Colorado A & M who has stood for Ram Spirit more than “Fum” McGraw. The words to Fum’s Song, admittedly a little coarse by current standards, are an important part of our tradition. No person is likely to confuse the singing of this song, in the spirit in which it is intended, with the many truly offensive things one sometimes hears at sporting events.

I urge the Athletic Department to reinstate the words to Fum’s Song on the electronic screen at Hughes Stadium.

Tim Gallagher, Professor

Department of Finance & Real Estate

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