Thom Yorke – The Eraser

Aug 302006
Authors: JAKE MOUNTJOY KCSU Music Director

Yes, it’s true. Thom Yorke has spit out a solo album in the midst of Radiohead’s announcement of an upcoming seventh full-length.

The Eraser is Thom Yorke’s first album away from his legendary group. I’m going to spare myself the time, energy, and fear of being harassed by angry Radiohead fans of comparing this record to any of his previous work.

The Eraser starts out with spurts of almost lo-fi piano over simple complimentary electronic percussion on “The Eraser.” Yorke sings, “The more you try to erase me, the more that I appear,” over layers of vocal chiming as he succeeds at making you feel like you’re drifting in space. In tracks “Analyze,” and “The Clock,” Yorke exhibits his natural vocal talent, and delivers a wide array of pitch.

One track that stands out to me the most is “And It Rained All Night.” Though the record as a whole does not demonstrate sudden mood changes in each individual song, this track shifts to the extremely dark and drugged-out side of Thom Yorke we all love (at least I do).

“It’s relentless, invisible, indefatigable, indisputable, undeniable / So how come it looks so beautiful?” sings York over the eerie volume swells and unpredictable trip-hop thumping.

The Eraser closes with a progressive suspense ride for five solid minutes in “Cymbal Rush.” It’s almost as Thom Yorke wanted to paint the image of a golden sunset rising over a war-torn sci-fi world, but I’m sure that was not his intention.

Whenever it starts to rain during the night, get in your car, turn this record on full-blast, and drive through all nine songs.

Your life will never be the same.

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