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Authors: ADAM BOHLMEYER The Rocky Mountain Collegian

One of the CSU student government’s biggest challenges this year is simply getting people more involved.

“We want them aware of campus happenings and that we are working for them,” said Jason Green, president of Associated Students of CSU.

It looks like it will be an uphill battle.

“They had elections last year, but other than that I haven’t really heard of them,” said Miranda Wathen, a sophomore human development and family studies major.

And many students would be hard-pressed to name the president and vice president – Green and Sadie Conrad, respectively.

“I couldn’t name them,” said Chase Edwards, a sophomore engineering major. “I live off campus and (am not) here very much, maybe that’s the problem.”

Student apathy or not, the work goes on.

Staff meetings, conference calls to rival universities and brainstorming sessions, along with the standard hustle and bustle of a busy office, can be found on any given day.

“We are students trying to help students and make a difference,” Green said.

This early into the year, at least, Green and Conrad are on the same page.

“It is just a group of really dedicated students who work for the good of the student body,” Conrad said. “We put on programs, work with faculty and help build campus communication.”

Student fees help fund the $1.1 million budget that funds the organization.

Some of the funding goes toward Ram Ride – a program intended to cut down on drunk driving by providing free late-night rides to students. The money also funds pep rallies, shuttle services, Ram road trips and even the forever-green T-shirts that can be seen throughout campus.

ASCSU is made up of three branches.

The first is the cabinet, which assists Green and Conrad. The cabinet is made up of people who operate the department and help to create the various events ASCSU puts on.

Green is optimistic about what he sees from his cabinet so far.

“I am impressed and energized,” said the senior psychology major. “There is a mix of new and returning staff. Hopefully they will bring a lot of new ideas.”

The second branch is the Senate, which is made up of elected representatives from each of the nine colleges that comprise CSU. The senate is responsible for creating and voting on laws and legislation that concerns the student body.

Third is the Supreme Court.

“We are a voice of the student population as a whole and on disciplinary panels,” said Edward Modec, chief justice of the court and a senior political science major. “On panels, we are a very powerful voice.”

ASCSU members remain positive about their hopes for the year.

“We really want to build a campus community,” Conrad said.

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Each student will pay about $22 this fall to fund ASCSU

The first ASCSU Senate meeting is set for 8 p.m. Wednesday in the Lory Student Center Senate Chambers.

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