Tower Power lacks charge

Aug 272006
Authors: TIFFANY HEIEN The Rocky Mountain Collegian

It was a valiant effort.

But Ryan Avery found out starting a campus tradition isn’t as easy as it seems.

The Westfall Hall resident assistant hoped to spark a campus tradition of having residents of the Towers – Westfall and Durward halls – roll down the windows and blast KCSU as loud as possible between noon and 2 p.m. Saturday.

But to the pleasure of surrounding neighbors, the event didn’t turn out as planned.

Participation was sparse, and the potential of “Tower Power” remained unfulfilled.

Avery will make another run at Tower Power next year and remains committed to the idea of making the event a celebration held at the end of the first school week.

“I know how to do it a whole lot better next semester,” said Avery, an open-option sophomore seeking technical journalism. “Next semester we’re gonna have a lot more games.”

An organized volleyball game and ice cream social took place on the lawn between the towers.

Avery plans on getting another volleyball net and horseshoes next time.

Residents and RAs were encouraged to open their windows with KCSU tuned up, turning the towers into two giant speakers.

KCSU set up a booth between the towers as well.

Still, participants of the festivities between the towers had a good time, organizers said. About 100 attended, said Lindsey Solano, a Durward RA.

“It was just really awesome,” said Solano, a junior speech communication major, adding that the event got students from the two towers to get to know each other. “It seemed like everybody really enjoyed it.”

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