Aug 272006
Authors: Mike Donovan

In Friday’s debut loss to Texas A&M, it seemed that if CSU had just one more quality player it would have been able to notch a victory over its Big Twelve opponent.

That one player could have easily been Texas A&M super freshman Sara Ammerman. Ammerman, who grew up in Parker and attended Chaparral High School, led the Aggies in her first ever college game with 18 kills.

Almost any fan in attendance was left wondering how Ammerman wound up in the Lone Star State almost a thousand miles away from her home, when she could have honed her skills at Moby Arena. Ammerman said she chose the Aggies over the Rams because of all the positives Texas A&M offered.

“I was drawn to the program and the coaching staff,” Ammerman said after the Aggies victory over Morgan State. “At College Station, I just had good feelings; it was like no other school in the country.”

Ammerman was recruited by CSU and made an official visit. However, once Ammerman went to visit Texas A&M, there was no way CSU would have been able to nab the reigning Colorado high school volleyball player of the year.

Whatever the reason for Ammerman’s decision, Texas A&M Head Coach Laurie Corbelli is glad to have her. Corbelli almost couldn’t contain her excitement about Ammerman after her dominating debut against CSU.

“I’m almost twice her age, but tonight, Sarah would be my idol,” Corbelli said.

Corbelli was also impressed by Ammerman’s composure playing in front of numerous family and friends.

“She had so much to live up to,” Corbelli said. “There were a lot of people here rooting her on, but she also wanted to do well for them.”

On Friday night in front of a packed house, Ammerman got the rare opportunity to make her debut on the national stage in her home state, and she did not disappoint.

Reflecting on her experiences on Saturday, Ammerman still couldn’t quite believe the circumstances that brought her back home for her first match.

“To play my first college game at home, it was awesome,” Ammerman said. “And, in front of 3,000 people, it was awesome.”

Many CSU fans left Moby Arena wondering what might have been if Ammerman would have chosen CSU. One thing is for sure: Texas A&M not only defeated the Rams on the court but also in the recruiting battle.

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