Aug 242006
Authors: Kevin Dudley

School spirit. Some say we got it, and many say we drink too much. I say, who the hell cares? And I tip my beer to all nay sayers out there and say, “Join the party.”

The other day, I got into an argument with my roommate’s girlfriend, who happens to work for this thing called the ASCSU (whatever that is). She says we don’t have any school spirit because none of us vote and we leave the football games early and whatever.

I pushed the issue and found out that apparently this acronym represents us, the students of CSU, to the movers and shakers of the university and Fort Collins.

Then, she clarified that it wasn’t the acronym that represents us. There are actually people that work for us as a student body and deal with budget issues or help resolve this “drinking problem” on campus.

Why didn’t I know anything about this?

They also supposedly hold elections for president and vice president and senate seats.

I can’t be bothered with voting. I already have to remember to tell people I did every four years.

The issue here isn’t that there’s a bunch of people who I don’t know representing me and all of you to people that none of us know. Really, the issue here is that all of those people are blaming us for not caring and not voting and. other stuff (right about here in my argument, I stopped listening to my roommate’s girlfriend and resumed playing X-box).

Ok, so maybe I don’t care. And maybe I don’t even know what I, as a CSU student, should be caring about. But don’t hate me.

Hate the system.

I don’t care about. whatever it is that I’m not caring about because I can. That’s the American way. If it were important, it would be a law.

I say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ This whole democracy thing seems to be very broke, so we need to fix it. Democracy, that is.

Instead of blaming us, maybe they should try harder to push things in our faces. Fear seems to work well for the U.S. government. I’d get involved if CSU were going to war with Wyoming or something.

And maybe we as the student body can start to look at this as a real government, which is, I assume, willing to represent us on all levels.

This whole government thing is boring, so let’s jazz it up a little. Right now, we have the government complaining that nobody cares and the people just sitting around and playing X-box.

It’s like those people who stand on the corner of Mulberry Street and College Avenue every Saturday, holding signs and arguing. Cross that traffic, go over there and find out about the others. Maybe there’s a reason they feel the way they do, but they don’t have to be so extreme about it. Set an example, don’t create more separation.

So, ASCSU, I’m willing to work with you if you’re willing to work in between quarters of Madden Football. That’s meeting you more than half way.

Kevin Dudley is a senior natural resources major. His column runs occasionally in the Collegian. Replies and feedback can be sent to

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