Ram Talk

Aug 242006

Why don’t cereal boxes have toys in them anymore? That was the best part! Now you have to send off three or four UPCs and $6.99 shipping and handling, which is basically $6.49 more than the toy was ever worth anyway. I just don’t understand who will buy Fruity Pebbles now.

Thanks to all of you who were dying of heat and stopped at our lemonade stand on Springfield Drive on Wednesday. (Spunky Springfield’s Stand of Wonderfulness) See you at the corner!

I think I’m going to organize a naked Star Wars Monopoly Tournament at the Intramural Fields. Please come with nothing but the game and a smile.

Why in the name of upper education was the horoscope section removed for a SECOND Sudoku? I understand one, but two? How many stars did I have today? I can’t stand not knowing.

A few of us chicos felt the need to hitchhike home from campus in the blistering heat Wednesday, so thank you for the two very gracious gentlemen who responded to our hitchhiking thumb signals.

Where can I sign a petition to get the weight room put back the way it was last semester?

To the girl with the hot pink hair, I saw you eat it on your bike. Is your knee OK? And uh, don’t drink and bike.

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