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Aug 232006

Welcome to the 2006-2007 Verve, your primary source of arts and entertainment news and features while you educate yourselves at CSU.

For those who wept at the death of the Bullhorn, we at the Verve hope to replace it, supplying you with entertainment news and reviews.

For those others just looking to plan your weekend, pick up a copy to find out the hottest and funkiest things to do right here in our own city.

This year, you will also find several monthly and weekly standing features.

Check out Liz Sunshine’s “Cooking With No Dough” for a cheap, flavorful and easy recipe, rich with Jewish spunk and sarcastic humor.

For those looking for a cheap, hassle-free meal, check out our take on Rachel Ray’s $40 a day: $25 a day. Find out how to eat three good meals from breakfast to dinner for under $25.

Looking for literature? Flip to the monthly book review for our suggestions on what (or what not to) read.

Visit the Video Graveyard section to find movie favorites that no longer sit on the new release shelf. After all, some of the best movies are those old classics.

Lastly, don’t miss the HotSpot, a monthly feature highlighting the coolest places in Fort Collins you never knew about.

This year, we’re also joining forces with the music wizards at KCSU to bring you CD and band reviews each week, so you can stay up-to-date on the best local music.

And remember, we are a newspaper by the students for the students, so we love to hear your suggestions. Make sure and e-mail us at verve@collegian.com with your comments, suggestions or to chat about anything and everything.

Here’s to hoping your year goes great, your weekends aren’t boring and your eyes are opened every Thursday to something fresh and exciting.

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