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Aug 232006
Authors: Valerie Hisam The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Police are firing away tickets and warnings.

“The first week we try to hit it as hard as we can and we try to issue as many warnings as possible,” said Dustin Vinzant, an officer for CSUPD and the Traffic and Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program.

Parking Services reported issuing 210 citations on Monday and 75 on Tuesday.

On any school day, there are tens of thousands of students, 15,000 bikes and about 3,000 to 5,000 cars, officials said.

“It’s always crazy at the beginning of the semester,” said Lindsay Paulding, a junior natural resources recreation and tourism major. “It really gets congested in the central campus because people are not necessarily educated on who has the right-of-way.”

Tickets are given out for biking and parking, and those can range from $8 to more than $50.

“This always happens in the fall as new freshmen are learning what they can and cannot do,” said Cindy Leinweber, assistant director of parking services, on the heavier flow of tickets at the beginning of the school year.

But there are steps students can take, according to CSUPD Cpl. Yvonne Paez.

“It’s simple to stay ticket free,” she said. “Look at the signs. pay attention. and read the manuals.”

The manuals, which are available to all students in Parking Services, located in Green Hall, among other locations, include information on bicycle safety and regulations, safety updates and a lot of maps.

Bikers must follow the laws as if they are a vehicle when on the road, and as Paez added, when on sidewalks, pedestrians always have the right of way.

“It is a cluster of chaos,” said Sophie Freestone, a sophomore art history major. “There is all of this road and pavement rage where no one obeys the rules.”

When it comes to vehicles, tickets are seen more for parking violations. Paez suggests if “you don’t have a permit to park there, don’t park there.”

And the number one thing motorists can do to stay ticket free is to read the signs, because occasionally they change.

But, if a student happens to get a ticket concerning speeding or traffic violations from CSUPD, then there is no court appearance, no driver’s license points taken away and no effect on car insurance.

“All we’re looking for is compliance (from students to follow regulations),” Paez said. “When we can we will try to lessen the blow. All students can do is to be safe and courteous.”

Staff writers Sara Crocker and Christy Schindler contributed to this report.

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