Ram Talk

Aug 232006

What genius decided to leave out the turn lanes when re-painting Laurel Street? I’m just waiting to hear a screech and crash so I can turn to my neighbor and say: “I was in my kitchen, and I heard it, so I came out!”

To those boys fishing with a dollar on Tuesday, next time if you want more laughs – use a $10 bill.

Conversation I overheard in the Plaza:

“Emily, have you met Sam? Sam…Emily.”

“I’m Emily, nice to meet you, Sam.”

“Hi, Emily, I’m Sam.”

*sigh* freshmen…

I see it everyday. Something more dangerous to male drivers than talking on a phone, eating or even setting the cruise control and steering with their feet. Shame on you, women joggers. How many lives must you take? Yeah I see you, hair flowing, body glistening in the sun. But I don’t see the road. I don’t even see the sidewalk. Please stop this mindless killing and get a treadmill.

Is there a special tool for getting the i-clicker out of its packaging?

So has anyone else noticed “Big Brother” sitting atop Clark A watching over the Plaza?’ This is my fourth year at school here and I just noticed that … also I learned Clark has a basement…

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