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Aug 232006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

To many students and Fort Collins residents alike, The Mishawaka is more than just a concert venue. The Mish represents the fun-loving culture of Fort Collins. It represents good times, good music and local business.

In a time when mainstream bands play stadiums like Pepsi Center, Red Rocks becomes increasingly expensive and Fiddler’s Green is renamed Coors Amphitheater, The Mish is an oasis of what live music should be – a place that combines music, beauty and an affordable price.

Now, the future of the Mish is uncertain. According to the cover story of today’s Verve, The Mishawaka is still open but under new management (though Robin Jones still owns it).

According to Matt Bartos, the assistant to the owner of the Mish, there are going to be changes and the venue “is going to take a different twist.”

We ask Mr. Jones to keep the heart of the Mish beating. Please do not sell this Fort Collins cornerstone down the river for a quick buck. Preserve what is great about the Mish – its unique attitude and intimate setting for the music that is played there.

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