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Authors: MEGAN TRUSTY The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Spoons, a locally owned soup and salad restaurant, has opened a location in the upper level of the Lory Student Center food court.

“We knew we needed a soup and salad concept,” said Mike Ellis, executive director of the Lory Student Center.

Ellis said there was a huge demand from the CSU community for a soup and salad restaurant on campus.

“It was our biggest request,” he said.

Each day Spoons has a different menu consisting of eight different homemade soups and three hand-tossed salads. The unique soups are cooked fresh every morning and the salads are hand-tossed and served fresh in plain view.

“It’s just a different taste than all the other fast food places around here,” said Lora Wittenberg, a sophomore animal science major. Wittenberg is one of several CSU students who say they will frequent Spoons over the next school year.

Each of the meals comes with homemade focaccia bread and a drink and costs about six dollars. The menu also offers vegetarian and dairy-free options.

Senior English major John Guesnier sat eating a “spoon and fork” meal combo – a soup and a salad – last week and said he likes Spoons because it is cheap and healthy.

While Spoons will still have the same soups and salads as the other two locations in town, the menu has been tweaked a little to make it easier for students.

“Our goal is to get students through faster,” Stoner said.

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