Ram Talk

Aug 222006

Is it an unwritten rule that all college males’ houses have to have at least one “Scarface,” “Boondock Saints” or “The Godfather” poster?

We gave an extra $15 to athletics last year; can we eat the food at the football cafeteria? It smells better than the rest of the dining halls.

I want to know how everyone feels about the construction. Do you know that they are planning on building a 24-hour computer lab in the nice green square by the Natural Resources Building where lots of us like to sit? I guess they didn’t realize that we all have computers, labs of our own or easy access to them already. If you are upset or outraged by this as well, let us be heard!!!

Has anyone noticed how worthless the rotating door is in the library is?

Why is it that the City of Fort Collins spent so much time over the summer repairing Laurel Street just to take away all of our free parking and make a double-wide bike lane that a Mack truck could park in? The school makes us spend so much money on parking passes just to end up having to park in an A spot and get a $17 ticket or spend all our laundry money on metered parking ’cause there are no student spaces left!!!!

Yeah, so I was playing “Dead Rising” the other day, and it occurred to me how closely that game resembles holiday shopping.

To the guy that was fly-fishing on the Intramural Fields yesterday… fish live in water not in grass.

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