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Aug 222006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

We can see it now:

A hotel room door bursts open and an exhausted family staggers in, tired from a day of wholesome fun at Disneyland.

Mom and Dad are busy unpacking and using the bathroom. Junior and Sis are still hyper, so Junior decides to crawl under the bed.

That’s when he discovers it: a remote control. A key to unnatural adult pay-per-view pleasures he should never know.

And it’s only a matter of time until Junior figures out how to order this abomination and ruins the family forever.

OK, let’s come back to reality.

As outlandish as that above scenario may have seemed, language used by conservative groups trying to ban adult movies from hotel rooms would suggest that it’s a common occurrence. Doubtful.

The Collegian doesn’t care if some businessman decides to “unwind” with the help of his hotel television. We wouldn’t endorse such an action, but we wouldn’t want to outlaw it, either.

It isn’t as if it’s a dirty magazine left on a table, waiting to be found by some kid. Someone actually has to order and pay for one of the filthy flicks.

We think children should be protected fiercely. So it would make even more sense to outlaw guns in homes with children. Right, conservative activists?

We thought you’d agree.

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