To the Editor

Aug 212006

I can’t say I was shocked when I opened up the editorial page of The Collegian to see another thoughtless social commentary that does nothing but reinforce negative stereotypes.

Nick Hately’s article on our trust fund, Rastafarian wannabe neighbors to the south was nothing more than a rant about how Hately is afraid of “hippies” who smoke the devil drug marijuana. While I’m all for Boulder-bashing, it seems as though this article was written by yet another uniformed Collegian editorialist (the infamous Ryan Chapman also comes to mind) in an attempt to brand a group as a problem.

Hately had nothing to offer except his opinion that cannabis enthusiasts have no desire to learn, misdirect their anger, and occupy their time by “sitting around . eating junk food and dissing President Bush.”

Let me first say that you don’t need to be high to dislike our President, all you have to do is be sane. Secondly, I can only assume the anger Hately referred to was the assault of all stoners on the refrigerators and pizza parlors of the world, since that was the most violent thing I could attribute to any pot smoker’s behavior discussed in his article.

Maybe it’s me, but I think “misdirected anger” is more likely to be recognized as a trait common in alcoholics, rather than potheads. After all, I’ve never heard of anyone smoking a bowl and then beating their wife and children.

Robert Shipton


Technical Journalism

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