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The amount of research funding being funneled into CSU has hit an all-time record at $267 million, beating the previous year’s total by almost 10 percent, officials announced Monday.

“Once again, Colorado State has made record gains in external research awards,” said Larry Edward Penley, president of CSU, in a statement. “It is a strong testament to the quality research being conducted by our outstanding faculty, staff and students.”

Nationally, CSU receives one of the highest levels of federal research money of universities without medical schools, the statement read.

“It’s a testament to the faculty, students and staff at Colorado State University,” said Hank Gardner, interim vice president for research.

Marvin Paule, chair for the CSU department of biochemistry and molecular biology, said research is not only crucial for CSU faculty but for the students who need funds to continue labs.

“It’s a plus for the university and a very strong plus for the student; textbooks don’t always do the trick,” Paule said.

Federal research funds during the fiscal 2006 academic year topped $190 million. State, foundation, commercial and other non-federal expenditures made up more than $37 million of the total, with institutional support funds adding another $37 million, according to the statement.

Though Gardner said he would like to see research funds continue to grow, keeping faculty and students competitive is more important than dollars.

Gardner described CSU as a “premier research institute” and said that the research done at the university impacts people on a local and a global scale. He cited, as an example the recent $7.8 million research award for tuberculosis from the National Institutes of Health.

“The role of faculty members is two things – one is to teach and the other is to make new discoveries,” Paule said.

News Editor Sara Crocker contributed to this report.

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