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Aug 212006
Authors: Valerie Hisam The Rocky Mountain Collegian

As of last week, students won’t have to dole out their Social Security Numbers on campus anymore.

To come into compliance with a statewide bill passed in 2003, CSU has issued all students a new eight-digit identification number – a CSUID – that replaces the use of their Social Security Number.

The bill mandated that “no post-secondary educational institution in Colorado may issue a student identification number that includes all or part of a student’s SSN.”

CSU’s identification system had to be changed, but due to a modification of the old ID system this past summer, CSU obtained a waiver to not have the law go into effect until fall 2006.

Coming into compliance with the bill was not the only reasoning behind the switch, officials said.

“Our biggest reason is to protect student identity,” said William Haid, executive director for Enrollment Services. “It has been this way for 15 years (using SSN as student ID), but as there is more and more concern with ID theft there is a desire to get away from using Social Security Numbers as a primary identifier.”

Over the past decade, ID theft has become a more serious problem with a broader access to the Internet and a greater range of SSN being given out for things such as credit card, cell phone and insurance applications, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, which provides information for victims and volunteers about identity theft.

To come into compliance with Colorado laws, the entirety of CSU had to be converted. Haid said that is no small task as he, along with other administrators, began the process of converting all old SSN to the new CSUID in January.

“It is a very comprehensive effort that has a campus-wide impact,” Haid said. “Everybody has to use it, so everybody has had to convert their systems.”

This ranged from faculty having to erase SSNs in the system to all students being required to obtain a new ID card that has their new CSUID number on it and is lacking any part of their SSN.

“It’s better security,” said Bianca Garcia, a senior psychology major. “But I’m not ready to memorize another number, so it’s good that our new numbers are on our new cards.”

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Quick Facts

1. All faculty and students received a new, eight-digit identification number to comply with Colorado House Bill 3-11-25.

2. For students, the number is located on the bar code of their student ID card or can be found on RamWeb.

3. Students must use their new ID for all services on campus, such as checking out library books and turning in tests.

4. Old Social Security Numbers will not work as of Aug. 17, except for certain financial paperwork and for new students entering CSU.

Greater protection for consumers

Starting Jan. 1, a person or entity may not do the following:

-Publicly post or display in any manner an individual’s SSN.

-Print an individual’s SSN on any card required for the individual to access products or services provided by the person or entity.

-Require an individual to transmit his or her SSN over the Internet, unless the connection is secure or the SSN is encrypted.

-Require an individual to use his or her SSN to access an Internet Web site unless, a password or unique personal identification number or other authentication device is also required.

-Print an individual’s SSN on any materials that are mailed to the individual, unless state or federal law requires permits or authorizes the SSN to be mailed.

-Source: Colorado Attorney General’s Office

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