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Authors: By Rebecca Howard The Rocky Mountain Collegian

CSU police are encouraging students to register their bikes, not only so they won’t be pinned with a fine but also so they will be easier to track down if stolen.

“(Bike theft) is our biggest problem by far,” said Joy Childress, supervisor of Traffic and Bicycle Education and Enforcement. “We probably have five or six bikes stolen a day.”

Mary Borden, a freshman open-option major seeking business, chose to ride a bike because it was a cheaper, more convenient form of transportation.

“I didn’t want to drive. I thought it would be too expensive and I’m from out of state, so I would’ve had to drive out here,” Borden said.

As another incentive to register a bike, any student caught riding an unregistered bike on campus will receive a ticket and be fined $8.

According to the TBEEP’s records, CSU police wrote 1,654 tickets in 2005 and 351 tickets so far in 2006.

In addition to fines for riding an unregistered bike, students can receive tickets for other violations. Most tickets are $15, but if a student is caught lying to an officer or trying to escape from an officer, the student could be slapped with a $50 ticket.

The two most frequent violations are running stop signs and riding in a dismount zone, Childress said. In Colorado, bicycles are considered a vehicle so all traffic laws apply.

“If you ride like you are in a car, you will be fined,” Childress said.

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How to register your bike:

Where: Green Hall

When: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How much: $5, a one-time fee

What you need: Make, model and serial number of the bike. The make and model are on the frame of the bike.

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