Aug 202006
Authors: Kevin Johnson, MIKE DONOVAN The Rocky Mountain Collegian

To the dismay of many college-aged partiers, police were out in full force over the weekend to make sure no major disturbances occurred.

“There were about five times the cops out last night as I have ever seen out in Fort Collins,” said Derrick Mendoza, a senior psychology major, on Sunday. “It was unreal. I’ve honestly never seen that many cops out ever.”

Vance McCormick, a sophomore life sciences open-option major, said he spent Saturday night party hopping in a failed effort to find one with riot potential.

“Everything got busted before we could have any fun,” he said.

But many claimed they appreciated the presence and the safety that added presence brought.

Jeanette Hoffner, a senior speech communications major, was at a party on Lake Street where she estimated more than 100 people in attendance.

The mood of the partygoers turned sour, she said, and the house residents tried to get some of the revelers to leave.

Police didn’t harass anyone, but instead just kept a watchful eye to make sure people didn’t get out of control, Hoffner said.

Fort Collins police officials authorized to speak with the media couldn’t be reached Sunday, but a clerk for the department said there were no major problems over the weekend.

There were a lot of party complaints and violations, but no major disturbances, said Yvonne Paez, CSU Police Department spokeswoman. She said that this year, like previous years, Fort Collins Police Services and CSUPD joined forces to create a riot-prevention plan.

“I would think this was pretty average,” Paez said, comparing this year’s disturbances to previous years. “I was pleased to see that we didn’t see any major out-of-control issues.”

Back-to-school two years ago was a different story, however.

Then, riots erupted – one of which was just a block north of CSU near the intersection of Howes and Laurel streets.

Tear gas was deployed to disperse the crowd of about 1,500, police said at the time.

Another riot the following night at the intersection of Plum and Bluebell streets left furniture, branches and street signs burned, and one car overturned.

Some threw branches, boxes, road signs and burned a couch as others vandalized cars parked on the street.

Five people were arrested in those riots, 24 were cited for noise violations and seven were suspended from CSU for a year.

News managing editor Vimal Patel contributed to this report.

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