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Aug 202006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

JonBenet Ramsey’s death was a tragedy.

The 6-year-old’s last moments obviously weren’t pleasant. Beyond that, and perhaps the most horrible thing about untimely deaths, are the “nevers.”

She’ll never smile again. She’ll never know what it’s like to grow up. She’ll never have her own, personal triumphs and tragedies. She’ll never find someone to love, and she’ll never be a parent.

But how is this different from any other young life cut short?

We at the Collegian recognize the heavy elements of human drama in this story: The intrigue, the novelty, the sadness and the horror. The accused mother died just before a suspect stepped forward.

And what a strange suspect he is.

It’s been enough to keep us a captive audience for nearly a decade. But why has it been a top story on the BBC – yes, Britain’s big news agency – for days?

Last winter in Aurora, a black child was killed. Similar to JonBenet’s case, the 6-year-old’s parents were suspected and they pointed the finger at an intruder or kidnapper. Plenty of other bizarre inconsistencies muddled the case.

Most of us have practiced to perfection the pronunciation of JonBenet’s name, French accent and all. We know the names of her rich Boulder parents.

But who even remembers the name of the girl in Aurora?

To find out, The Rocky Mountain Collegian is offering a $5 reward to the first person to write the girl’s name on a piece of paper, spelled correctly, and bring it to Student Media’s front desk in the Lory Student Center basement.

If you can pronounce the name correctly, you’ll get a handshake, too.

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