Help us name the Bike Guy!

Aug 202006
Authors: Collegian Staff

Your daily newspaper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian, is hosting a contest to name the student who is cruising around campus regularly on our fancy green and yellow bicycle and distributing copies of your daily newspaper. Feel free to also offer names for the small yellow duck that sits on the handle bars. The winner, to be selected next Friday, will receive a kick ass Collegian sweatshirt.

Suggestions for the student..

1. Collegian Bike Guy

2. Collegian Bike Dude

3. BG (Bike Guy)

Suggestions for the duck…

1. Duckie

2. Collegian Bike Duckie

3. Bee-Dee (Bike Duckie)

4. Toy

To submit your suggestion, simply post a reply to this article.

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