Aug 202006

A traffic complaint was made on a university facilities vehicle, around University and Center avenues. The stories from the facilities employee and the caller differed. Since the caller failed to provide contact information no further action is taking place.

A complaint about a transient was made near Guggenheim Hall. Officers contacted a transient who was camping in the bushes. The transient has an extensive criminal history, and was told to leave and that he would be charged if he returned.

An international student sold a vehicle and didn’t believe that the buyer was going to pay him. The student was given information on how to handle the issue in civil court.

Move-in traffic was heavy but handled well due to the large number of people assisting.

Medical call; location was not given.

Noise complaint was called in around University Village; nothing was found.

Several bike warnings were given out to students.

A report came in of individuals climbing the walls at Corbett Hall, but officers were unable to locate them.

No issues occurred at the carnival.

A motor vehicle accident occurred near Laurel Street in the Westfall Hall parking lot. The driver of the vehicle was under the influence of drugs and turned in front of a motorcycle.

An elevator rescue was made in Durward Hall.

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