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Authors: COLLEEN TIMOTHY The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Working at MTV may be a dream job for some, but for Emily Seems it doesn’t compare to living in a residence hall and working as Westfall Hall’s assistant director.

When Seems, who is now a second-year graduate student, graduated from Lehigh University, she quickly packed her bags and made her way to Manhattan to start a new job with MTV.

But soon after she began working with MTV Production Events, she realized it wasn’t what she was meant to do.

“My desire has always been to work with kids somehow,” Seems said.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to be an elementary school teacher, however, so she ventured to CSU to start working with college students.

Seems and other assistant residence directors live in style, as far as students go.

She can spread out in a miniature apartment on the first floor of one of the two Towers, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen.

Seems’ job includes a variety of responsibilities that differ from undergraduate resident assistants’.

Her area of study focuses on Student Affairs in Higher Education, and her goal as a student and director is to give support, guidance and a vast amount of skills to her RAs.

“Student Affairs in Higher Education is all about building holistic students,” Seems said. “It’s working with college students outside of academics.”

Seems and Tim Cherney, an assistant residence hall director at Newsom Hall, said they both decided to do the SAHE program here because they are able to work with college students and learn more about what they want to do with their careers in the future.

“Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom,” Cherney said.

Some students have found these student directors to be helpful.

“We have the tools we need and she is (in) total support of that,” Andrea Rossi, a sophomore residence assistant, said of her director, Galynn Lackey.

Seems hopes to work with college students on conflict resolution when she graduates from CSU.

“Eventually, I would love to be a dean of a university or a vice president of student affairs one day,” Seems said, laughing. “But that might take some time, and for the time being I love working with college students.”

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