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Aug 162006
Authors: Collegian Editorail Staff

You’re finally here.

You shoved all your stuff into your room.

You’ve met your roommate.

You’ve hugged your parents goodbye.

You are finally on your own and ready to commence the wild and wonderful rite of passage known as college.

You’ll go to class (when you wake up on time), stress over finals and vow to never procrastinate again. Then you’ll start the cycle all over again next semester.

You’ll move out of the residence halls, relish in your freedom and then wish someone still cleaned your bathroom and stocked it with toilet paper.

You’ll have fun, go to crazy parties and make unbelievable memories.

There is no reason these shouldn’t be some of the greatest years of your lives. The whole world is open to you.

Our advice to you: Don’t screw it up.

USA Today reports that nationally, college freshmen are the most at-risk students. Members of the freshman class are the most likely to die of illness, falls, suicide or on campus in general, according to the report.

You may know that, in the last few years, several Colorado college students have died as a result of alcohol and substance abuse. Learn from their mistakes.

Have fun, but be safe. RamRide, the University Counseling Center and Safe Walk are just a few of the plethora of resources available to you at this university. Use them.

That being said, welcome to CSU. Good luck. It’s going to be one heckuva ride. Enjoy it.

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