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Aug 162006
Authors: LAUREN RICHARDSON, AMANDA SCHANK The Rocky Mountain Collegian

If this week’s high volume of customers at Recycled Cycles in the Lory Student Center is any indication of how many students will be riding bicycles at school this year, then the bike racks should be full.

“This week is definitely our insane-o week,” said Brian Rand, manager of Recycled Cycles’ CSU store. “It’s booming right now.”

Whether trying to cut the commute from Corbett Hall to the Clark Building in half or escaping for the afternoon to the numerous trails in the Poudre Canyon, a bicycle is a must for most students – and a fully functioning one is even better.

“Biking is more affordable,” said Justin Arredondo, a freshman construction management major, “and it gets you there faster.”

Like a car, a bike requires regular tune-ups and daily attention.

“A clean, healthy bike is way more fun to ride,” said Hayden Stone, a mechanic at Recycled Cycles. “Your bike will last longer if you keep it in good condition.”

Rand recommends getting a tune-up every six to 10 months depending on the amount of usage. Regularly cleaning the bike, keeping the right amount of air in the tires and lubing the chain once a week should help keep it in good condition.

Warning signs that a bike needs a tune-up include clicking noises, squeaky brakes and gears that aren’t shifting smoothly.

Bike shops are a resource for cyclists, as are bike maps that highlight Fort Collins’ no-bicycling zones. Students should also be aware of the biking dismount zones around campus, where cyclists still on their bikes can receive a ticket.

And, before biking too far, all bikes parked or ridden on campus must be registered with the CSU Police Department. A bike license can be obtained at the CSUPD office on campus, which charges a one-time $5 registration fee.

According to the CSUPD Web site, cyclists are required to follow the same rules as automobiles including obeying all stop signs and pedestrian right-of-way rules. A bike light is a good idea if you plan on riding at night.

“The (bike) commute to work is my favorite part of the day – it’s quiet and you’re biking and it’s just nice,” Rand said. “It’s clearly the better choice over driving in all instances, if you have a good bike.”

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A Few of the Fort’s Bike Shops

Recycled Cycles

Lory Student Center


Damn Yankee Bicycle Service Co.

636 S. College Ave.


Lee’s Cyclery & Fitness


202 W. Laurel St.

Spring Creek Recumbent Bicycles


2111 S. College Ave.

Road 34 Bike Shop


1205 W. Elizabeth St.

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