Aug 162006
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A student’s first CSU football game is one of many Ram traditions. Follow these tips to transform from a Rams rookie to an All-American fan.

– Each time the Rams kick off, CSU students shake their keys and keychains. Students should not shake their keys when the Rams are receiving a kickoff.

– After each Rams score, groups of students lift up a female student in a maneuver known as a crowd push-up. This move, which also happens at the University of Michigan and other universities, should be done at the student’s risk.

– For all 21-year-old freshmen looking to play beer pong outside of Hughes Stadium, you are out of luck. Drinking games aren’t allowed in the parking lot.

– CSU students are notorious for arriving late for games. If students get inside Hughes Stadium more than 30 minutes before kickoff, they will guarantee themselves a seat in the first 10 rows.

– Be on the lookout for promotion teams during the game. Nothing makes an experience at Hughes better than winning a free Pizza Hut pizza just for sitting in the correct row.

– Before entering Hughes Stadium, make sure to pass the tables with free soda and cheeseburgers directly east of Hughes in the parking lot. A full Ram fan is a happy Ram fan.

– There are two songs all freshmen should learn before going to any CSU football game. “Fum’s Song” is played between the third and fourth quarter at all Ram home games, while the fight song is played throughout each game.

“Fum’s Song”

I’ll sing you a song of college days and tell you where to go.

Aggies, where your knowledge is, and Boulder to spend your dough.

CC for your sissy boys and Utah for your times, DU for your ministers and drunkards’ School of Mines.

Don’t send my boy to Wyoming U., a dying mother said.

Don’t send him to old Brigham Young, I’d rather see him dead.

But send him to our Aggies, it’s better than Cornell.

Before I’d see my son in Boulder, I’d see my son in hell!

Fight Song

Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team,

On to the goal.

Tear the (opponent’s nickname’s) line asunder,

As down the field we thunder.

Knights of the Green and Gold,

Fight with all your might.

Fight on you stalwart Ram Team,


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