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May 032006

In response to Ryan Chapman’s Farewell Tour Part II, he is stating some false claims as truth. First off, Ryan claims that CU sucks; they’re dirty, hippies, panhandlers and have a lot of money (with a few exceptions of course).

As a CSU student born and raised in Boulder, I can safely say that this is a stereotype based on a select few. Although Boulder is known as a hippie town, a large portion of Boulder’s population is in no way hippie. We can use the stereotype that many CU students use us as an example. They claim we are all redneck hicks, but obviously that’s not true.

Second, Wyoming and Air Force are our rivals, but to base that and how their rugby teams play as the reason to hate them is wrong.

Third, and most interesting, Ryan contradicts himself. He states that he often stereotypes populations, making “generalizations that may not necessarily apply to all members of that group.” It seems here he is trying to imply that his claims are not necessarily true, but he continues to say, “most stereotypes are true on numerous occasions,” as if to imply that his claims really are true, contradicting what he just said.

Finally, his claim that we will be dead long before the icecaps melt is false. Recent research shows that the icecaps are expected to disappear in 20-30 years. One thing certainly holds true, however: This country is great and CSU is an awesome college. And to Ryan and all graduating seniors, on behalf of seniors who have one lame semester left, congrats.

Chris Clarke



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