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Authors: Hailey McDonald

Like many other booming profile sites, officially has taken over the world. This so-called “place for friends” is a popular Web site that allows any individual to post information about his or her interests and surf through the large database of others’ profiles. claims more than a million profiles, including real stars like Dane Cook and plenty of impersonated celebrities as well.

The site is expanding constantly, and recently a section for musical artists was added to the list of side dishes. Official pages are created for artists that have been topping the charts for years, as well as bands that haven’t even actually finished an entire song. Then, their songs and products are available to the public for perusing.

Like most of the other networking Web sites out there, is free because of the enormous amounts of banner-style advertising on every page.

And much like other Internet hypes, sooner or later someone was going to start milking this opportunity. It didn’t take long for most people inside the music industry to market themselves widely with no direct cost to them.

Any character on MySpace inevitably has experienced the consistent friend requests from local bands trying out their musical talents.

The process is simple. The unsuspecting MySpace victim receives a friend request from an unknown band with a cool picture, so the “vic” clicks on their profile. As he or she begins to read about the band’s influences and ambitions, a song begins. The song’s source is magically hidden on the page somewhere, so the user must listen an additional five seconds while possibly scrambling for the stop button.

CSU band, Roe, is utilizing the free publicity through The band consists of four regular CSU college guys (and a newly-added member from Denver) and have found much of their success and fan base through MySpace. The members – Jake Espy, sophomore journalism major (vocals, piano); Nick Daniluk, freshman business major (bass); Brian Martin, freshman open-option major (guitar, rhythm); John Breeding, sophomore art education major (drums) and new member David Anderson (vocals, guitar) – basically stumbled into forming, much less accumulating an impressive online following.

“I came here and saw a kid with a bass, Daniluk, and it all started from there,” said lead vocalist Jake Espy.

Only forming late fall semester, the band has already made progress with performances in Denver, an upcoming show in Fort Collins and several recorded tracks.

“We’ve all been in bands that didn’t take things seriously, but mostly it was Daniluk, he just kept getting on us,” Espy said.

Groups like The Fray, Something Corporate and Maroon 5 have influenced the band’s sound, which they label as “face-melting piano rock, Roe style, of course.”

“John’s obviously influenced by Sesame Street,” Espy said, completely straight faced.

“Yeah, I can count really well,” drummer John Breeding agreed.

The 7,389 friends and counting is not exactly a small number for Roe to market themselves to, but the band is taking it one step at a time. They’ve snagged some small gigs, like the Corbett residence hall barbecue, which was in late March, as well as a record label show in Denver in early May. As far as a CD goes, it’s all in the future.

“I think we have a very marketable sound,” Breeding said, laughing. “We’ll sell platinum records.”


To check the group out, head to

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