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May 032006

I’m so glad to see part of the money we pay to be here is going toward the endless effort to keep the sidewalks watered. I’m glad to know that the concrete on campus has every chance to grow to its full potential. Thanks, CSU!

Four term papers, one huge presentation and two quizzes. Dead week huh? I think we should call it “death week” because it might kill me before it’s over.

Has anyone noticed the UFO’s and helicopter drawings invading the Morgan Library on the table cards the library puts out? I think we need to worry about more than watching our personal belongings…

Show of hands, who thinks we need Calvin and Hobbes strips in the Collegian?

Does anyone else think that the squirrels look like furry ninjas? They dart around on the grass, and then as soon as someone walks by, they freeze, hold position, and then pounce on the nearest tree, still eyeballing the passerby.

I was walking by the football field yesterday, and all I have to say is KAYLOR FOR HEISMAN!!!! He kicked the ball the entire length of the field!!

So are we in the 30th century now?

Do you think if Jesus could heal the blind and the lame, raise people from the dead, and walk on water, he could help me get a 90% on my Calc III final?

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