May 032006

I must confess that over the years, I have come to find some form of disturbed and misguided satisfaction by reading Ryan Chapman’s column. Actually, satisfaction may be the wrong word. A more apt description is that I am often drawn to his arrogant, uninformed and self-centered ramblings by the same morbid curiosity that may lead an otherwise rational individual to slow down and look for carnage when passing an accident on the highway or a smashed squirrel on a residential street. For a time, I successfully resisted this form of demented allure in his columns; I had convinced myself that, like so many other meaningless distractions in life, his columns were simply and soundly a waste of my time. However, I relapsed during my self-imposed hiatus from Mr. Chapman’s amateurish column. I wondered if the education and intellectual growth he received from this awarded institution of higher learning had tempered and informed his otherwise foolish, jingoistic ramblings. So, today I surrendered to this impulse and was horrified by what this soon-to-be-alumnus of my university had felt it necessary to spew in what I would assume to be his final opportunity to say something half-way intelligent or mature. Please Mr. Chapman, in your post-undergraduate endeavors, don’t do or say too much as to embarrass your fellow CSU alumni. And, to paraphrase your words, best of luck to you as you venture out into this greatest nation on earth, one where you may freely have as many children as you want while consuming fossil fuels and watching the icecaps melt. I hope you find some form of satisfaction – perhaps similar to the perverted sense I felt when attempting to digest your words – as you pursue such noble dreams.


Brad Clark

adjunct instructor

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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