May 032006

In this debate over border control, I find that many of the people who support illegal immigrants do not know their facts. Illegal immigration hurts taxpaying citizens and, more importantly, the working class.

Polls show that more than 70 percent of Americans object to illegal immigration. There is no other current issue in America that has a bigger gap between public opinion and the opinions of the media.

In the world today there are more than 4 billion people living below the American poverty level, most of which would love to come live the American dream. This is clearly impractical for the United States. So why do we allow illegal immigrants from Mexico to cut in front of those trying to migrate here legally?

The idea of having good, hard-working people come here for “cheap labor” is misleading. It is only cheap for those who are paying their wages, when in reality it is only subsidized labor for taxpaying citizens. As taxpayers, we pay for the costs of health, education and other community expenses for this illegal workforce.

It is estimated that American workers lose $190 billion annually in depressed wages because of constant flooding of the labor market from newcomers, according to Harvard professor George Borjas, who is an immigrant.

Defending our borders is important to liberals because they do not lose social programs they care so much about. It is impossible for any social program to endure without defined boundaries and beneficiaries.

Marcus Griffin



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