Campus Blotter

May 032006


Alcohol at Durward Hall – two were cited for underage consumption.

Drugs at Edwards Hall – two were cited for possession of marijuana.

Driving under the influence (DUI) and drugs at City Park Avenue and Plum Street – non-student contacted for a traffic violation and was DUI. Search incident to arrest also revealed marijuana and paraphernalia in the car.

Assisted Fort Collins Police Services in checking a couple of housing areas for a vehicle wanted in connection with an assault.

Intrusion alarm at the Newsom Hall kitchen

Fireworks at Parmelee Hall – witnesses saw a Roman candle being fired out a window. Tried to contact the suspect’s room; but got no answer.

False fire alarm in the Engineering A-wing – someone pulled a pull station.

Motor vehicle accident on the Plaza – a construction vehicle hit a railing.

Criminal mischief at Lake and Whitcomb streets – someone damaged the hood of a parked car.

Fire alarm in the Chemistry Building – caused by paint fumes.

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