To the Editor:

May 022006

After reading the paper these last few days I have come to the conclusion that this campus needs a bit of an education. Please know that I understand all points of view, I just think that everyone needs to do their research before they take a stance on an issue. If the people who wrote editorials or put quotes on RamTalk did even the smallest bit of research they would see how false their assumptions are.

So here are some facts: 1). Undocumented immigrants do pay taxes by buying from American owned stores, contributing millions to our economy. They use little to no government services. Why would someone without papers ask for government assistance when they know they would be deported? 2) Realize that illegal immigration isn’t only a Mexican problem. Illegal immigrants come from all over the world; just check the history of this country. This country’s founders came over here and squatted on Native land and just decided to take over the government that was already in place. Moreover, much of this country was once Mexico. My family has been in Southern Colorado before it was part of the United States. How do you think we feel about the way our land was acquired? 3) Understand that undocumented workers aren’t taking jobs away from citizens – trust me you don’t want these jobs. If you knew the gross violation of human rights that took place just for you to buy strawberries at a reasonable price you would see where I’m coming from.

Molly Gallegos


ethnic studies

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To the Editor:

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May 022006

Do Americans have a right to control their own borders? According to your editorial on Monday, the answer is no. “Undocumented immigrants are, and should be, here to stay. Anyone who wants to argue this is filled with irrational hatred and probably ignorance.”

So much for the debate about immigration, not to mention the ideal of respectful discourse in higher education.

Since you cite no evidence in support of your claim that mass immigration is an economic necessity, I wonder if you are aware that the overall economic contribution of immigrants is relatively small. That’s because the large gains that immigrants produce for employers are offset by the large losses they produce for American workers.

Nor is there any evidence that our economy is “dependent upon their work.” The fact that employers like mass inflows of very low-wage labor does not mean that they could not adapt to their absence. That, in fact, is exactly what they do when the economy expands and labor becomes scarcer and more expensive.

At least that was the pattern prior to the era of mass immigration. The economic expansion since 2000 has been called a “jobless recovery” because the employment of natives actually went down during this period. All of the 2.3 million jobs that the economy produced during this time went to immigrants.

Wages for native workers without a college degree also went down during this “expansion.” If you don’t think there is a connection between huge increases in the labor supply of very low-wage workers, and falling wages for those who compete with them, then you need to take EC101.

As for your charge that those who support measures to reduce illegal immigration are racists, I wonder if you would apply that label to Cesar Chavez? He used to picket INS offices to demand stricter enforcement of immigration laws because the endless availability of illegal immigrants kept undermining his efforts to form the Farmworkers Union.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, at least one of every three native-born Hispanic Americans “consistently complain that the unauthorized hurt the economy by driving down wages.” Do you think they hate people with brown skin, too?

The charge of racism is just a way of avoiding the real issues at stake. Mass immigration is causing the U.S. population to rapidly expand (according to the Census Bureau, the U.S. population will exceed 400 million in less than fifty years, almost entirely because of immigration). That drives down wages, puts more pressure on the environment, adds to the fiscal problems of states and localities, overwhelms schools and hospitals and increases crime.

Americans have a right to care about these issues. When you insult them for doing so, you only demonstrate that you have nothing meaningful to say.

Steven Shulman

professor of economics

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