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May 022006

I wish there was something between a handshake and a hug, with the sentiment of a high-five, but no sporty association.

Does anyone else ever wish that just once the cashier at Panda Express would forget to give you your receipt so your meal is free?

To sexy people in Current World Problems with the Jelly Belly jelly beans: can I join your game? I have watched for a few days now and would really like my own turn to guess what flavor I am eating.

The danger of science, like religion, is that it will trap us within a single frame of thought. Intolerance toward the other will lead to stagnation. All thought, ideas and actions will be carried out in a strict singular fashion, so that we cannot see beyond it. Religion the anvil, science the hammer of war.

Does anybody else base how good their day is by the number of stars at the end of their horoscope? (Overheard in Clark A, “Don’t expect too much out of me it’s only a two-star day.”)

So, Facebook really needs a Breathalyzer.

I am going to stop working out and start lying out. Girls love tall, skinny, tan men (I hope).

I think we should all wear tags on our shirts to class. Not name tags though, these will describe who you were last weekend. Example: “Rockstar,” “that girl,” or “CREEPER.” This will have to be based on the honor system so no lying.

I think Friday should be cinco de mustache. Nobody shave!

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