Ram Talk

May 012006

I was looking through my philosophy notes and I noticed something: my doodling abilities have really improved this semester.

Thank you to the guy planted strategically to the left of the lagoon, throwing snowballs at the flock of geese, causing them to take flight and poop on my shoulder. I love nothing more than having to go home and change just to be late to class because you felt it necessary to torment the geese.

Here’s a little message to all Dallas Stars fans: consider Texas messed with. Go Avs!

I wish our university could spend more money on upgrading these laptops in the library. I just lost a three-page speech because laptop No. A83 decided to crash on me. On top of that, Microsoft Word failed to recover my lost file. I repeat, DO NOT USE LAPTOP No. A83; It’ll piss you off!

I didn’t know it was racist and ignorant to think immigrants should declare citizenship and pay taxes like everyone else… thanks Collegian editorial staff, I hate myself now.

To the oh-so-clever conniving thief who stole my rear bike wheel and put his wobbly warped one on in its place: are you so lazy that you can’t “wobble” it to the bike shop and throw down ten bills to get it fixed? Seriously.

I have a response to whoever wrote about the girl running into a parked car: Why did you not offer her a hand up? More importantly, I would like to point out that the essence of a bike lane is to accommodate for bikes! CSU maintenance should park their vehicles elsewhere.

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